Howard Makler

Chief Executive Officer

WHO WE are

Want Found Money?

Well get ready, GetRefunds is coming soon. Our mission is to provide small businesses with found money resources and access to specialized government funding all under one roof. At GetRefunds, you will get access to a suite of products to help you manage and grow your business. Our goal is your success.

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“We created GetRefunds because we believe small businesses deserve access to a fair, efficient, and easy-to-use platform of resources to help them succeed.”

Howard Makler

Chief Executive Officer

What is "found money"?

For GetRefunds, found money is helping small businesses recover money they previously paid in taxes, find other potential credits and incentives, find approved financing solutions, and even find compliance solutions that could reduce their penalty risk.

What we do

We get the challenges small business owners face in navigating government resources, financing options, and compliance requirements. That is why GetRefunds was launched—to provide fast and easy access to the resources you need to keep your business moving forward.*

In development for you

Simplified process

Our goal is to help you get your desired result as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we plan to offer a user-friendly service, so you won’t waste a moment.

Expert connections

We will identify relevant opportunities for your business and connect you with companies that will help you maximize them.

Business funding

We're seeking a wide range of ways for small businesses to access money and potentially new sources of funding to grow your business.

Staying connected

GetRefunds will be dedicated to providing up-to-date information to our customers. We will aim to provide what you need to make well-informed decisions.

Our story

GetRefunds aims to be a champion of small businesses in America. We will harness the power of unparalleled customer service, cutting-edge technologies, and unyielding dedication to rigorous processes and compliance standards to help you succeed.

We are focused on leveling the playing field for small businesses by developing access to a robust suite of government funding and financing solutions. We believe that resources for small businesses are often too hard to find and our goal is to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

This is what we stand for

Our Mission

To unlock a future where small business owners thrive across the nation, effortlessly tapping into the financial resources, essential tools, and trusted advice they need.

Our Vision

To propel us forward into a brighter, more promising horizon, where GetRefunds becomes the catalyst for a transformed, empowered small business ecosystem.

Our Purpose

GetRefunds is an organization that seeks to do good – for all small businesses in America, for our customers, and for our employees.

Our core values

The things that matter to us? FUN. INTEGRITY. RESILIENCE. EXCELLENCE.


Enjoying time with colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment encourages honest, open discussions and trust in one another.


Integrity is a priceless essential for success. Honesty, loyalty, respect, and responsibility. This is what we strive for everyday.


Having a resilient mindset means we don't fear changes or challenges, we see them as opportunities to learn and become stronger.


We strive for excellence because we're fully committed to achieving results that go way beyond anything that has been achieved before.